Quality Management

KES KLIMA with the Prize of Ankara Chamber of Industry

KES Klima is one of the major innovators of technology in the Air Control Systems Industry. We are proud of announcing one of our different products ‘Variable Throw Thermostatic Diffusers’ which we call “ Smart Diffusers” . They have been designed after long R&D studies. This product won the Innovation Prize of Ankara Chamber of Indsutry in 2008 .

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KES Klima has a successful R&D program, which it uses to provide innovative products on an ongoing basis. It was the recipient of the “ASO 46th Year Award for Innovation” Since Kes Klima began working in the sector in the 1950s, it has continually achieved its targets and furthered its position in the sector. This has been accomplished by adapting by rapidly developing technological applications within the organization, as well as by continuously renewing manufacturing processes. At the same time, it has never abandoned its customer-focused service orientation.  

Service of Good Quality, Affordable Price, Never-ending Confidence...

KES Klima has become one of the elite air-conditioning appliance manufacturers in Turkey by emphasizing quality in the manufacturing process. This is reflected in its receipt of the ISO 9001-2001 Quality Management Certificate in 2002. It is continuing to contemporary solutions for the needs of future with its vision shaped by the main principles of “Quality, Service, Price and Confidence.”

KES Klima’s successful R&D has enabled it to introduce innovative products into the air-conditioning market, and was granted the Ankara Chamber of Industry Award for Innovation last year for the “Variable Thrower Thermostatic Diffuser” it developed.